Build your iOS and Android apps with HTML in less than 3 min

Code your apps in HTML, run our framework and you'll get your app instantly for iOS and Android. No device specific language is needed anymore. Only one developper can now take care of your mobile website + iOS + Android. So easy your own grandmother could do it. 100% open source and free. Welcome to AlmondBird.

Open Source Free
iOS & Android HTML coding

See how

Code, Assemble, Cache

Keep your dynamic HTML code on your own server, and just put your static assets into the apps. Create powerfull apps with just a few kilobytes of data communications needed.

Code your HTML
Copy/paste your files
Compile the app

We're 100% open source & free

Our sources are open to the public for free. You can even use the code for commercial applications without paying anything. Every time you compile your app, you get the output into the source code format + the iOS project ready to compile + the Android project ready to compile. If you want to modify or improve the native code by yourself, do it in no time.

The key features at a quick glance

  • HTML programming
  • Open source license
  • Asset caching
  • Deeplinks available
  • Remote update
  • Initial loading screen customizable

Develop your app just like you would a website on your computer

Don't waste time compiling every three seconds - just hit your F5 key. Have all the assets your want directly at your fingertips. Want to work with jQuery that is already included within the data? Go ahead. Bootstrap? Go ahead. Font awesome? Go ahead.

Why don't your try it out?

Have your first test app in less than 5 minutes with a basic example